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Organization Hacks for the New Year

Cleaning out your house clears out your mind. De-cluttering has long had a correlation with mental clarity. (On the flip side, a messy environment can be a constant source of low-grade stress.) Even a study out of the University of Minnesota says that a tidy living space can promote, among other things, healthful eating. So give the following life hacks a try to carve out a few new-and-improved corners in your home:

Seasonal Decorations. Containers that are festive in color (i.e. reds and greens) can make items easy to spot in any basement or attic. Additionally, if you invest in a few sturdy boxes that have dividers — something that is perfect for, say, ornaments or small decorations, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent packing this year (and unpacking next year). Even better, your fragile items will be safe. Extra Credit: Organize and label all of your good cheer into separate boxes designating where it belongs: the living room, kitchen, outside, etc.

Kids’ Toys. Stow away part of the toy collection in closets or the basement for rainy days or long afternoons. In addition to cutting down on the number of items underfoot, kids will also show an interest in these “new” items when they’re brought out — and substituted — for used ones. Extra Credit: Playthings should be put away in clear cases or containers so that you can easily see the contents.

Electronics. Untangle wires and fasten them together with twist ties or Velcro. Also, take the time to sort through CDs and DVDs and put them back in their respective cases. Extra Credit: Create a charging station for phones, iPads, and anything else that regularly needs a battery. In addition to consolidating cords, you’ll always remember where you plugged in your device since it’ll be docked at the charging station.

Nightstand. Stash bedroom essentials (glasses, remote control, jewelry, etc.) in a dresser drawer that’s divided into multi-sized compartments. Extra Credit: If you do choose to have a catch-all dish on your dresser, keep the contents to just one or two small- to mid-sized essentials so you aren’t tempted to dump everything there. Remember, function is important, but it isn’t everything. Be sure to pick something pretty so it’s nice to look at, too.

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