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9 Quick Fixes for Treadmill Boredom

With snow or subfreezing temps in just about every-other-forecast, joggers have reluctantly spent a lot of time on the treadmill this season. Which is to say that after the third or fourth month of feeling like a hamster on a wheel, workouts are feeling a little uninspired. We can’t do anything about the weather, but we can offer a few ideas to turn around the conditions indoors.

1. Create a new playlist. Even better? Swap one with a friend for a real soundtrack surprise.

2. Enlist a workout buddy and have them snag the treadmill next to you.

3. Turn up the routine by mixing in interval splits of fast and slow paces. A “pyramid workout” alternates intervals of sprinting with walking — so start with one set of one-minute legs (fast, then slow), then increase the sets to two and three minutes, and finally work your way back down. Bonus: This cardio absolutely torches calories.

4. Hills. Set the treadmill to a “hills” program for stronger legs and glutes.

5. Skip the treadmill — well, at least partially. At the gym, rotate around on the other machines near the treadmill (i.e. ellipticals, bikes) for a circuit workout. At home, alternate sit-ups or push-ups for some strength training before or after running segments.

6. Pair a distance run with a podcast instead of playlist.

7. To keep you on your toes — literally and figuratively — try to run longer than the person next to you.

8. For those watching TV, try sprints or a much faster pace during the commercial breaks.

9. Take the treadmill exercise out of the gym and into the office.

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