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5 Ways to Make Healthcare Work Better for Your Employees With Families

Managing health insurance is often tricky for one person (think: finding physicians, checking status claims, etc.), let alone a whole family. If you have employees with families (which we’re assuming you do), then this is a consideration you should have when evaluating how family-friendly your healthcare program is.

To accommodate plan members, UnitedHealthcare offers the Health4Me app, a free app that provides plans members with access to both their own and their family’s health information on their phones. Members using the app — available for Apple and Android devices — can utilize a host of features that make their health care work better for them. Here are a few of the highlights:

Store ID Cards // Employees can avoid fumbling multiple insurance cards and instead download their health plan ID cards to their smart phones, and then e-mail or fax the ID cards directly to the doctor’s office or hospital.

Connect with Physicians and Nurses // The “favorites” tab connects employees with the physicians and health care providers their family contacts most frequently. Or, they can contact a registered nurse through the app for round-the-clock medical advice.

Avoid Phone Calls // The Easy Connect service allows employees to request a phone call from a UnitedHealthcare representative. Someone will call the user to answer questions about claims, benefits and more, avoiding all sorts of call prompts and hold time.

Manage Medications and Estimate Costs // Employees can manage their family’s prescriptions and keep their health costs organized by accessing information on deductible and out-of-pocket spending status, and checking account balances for health reimbursement, flexible spending, and health savings account.

Security // Employees needn’t fret about having their information compromised. Health4Me’s high security level is designed to keep information confidential.

The truth is, when assessing the quality of your employees’ healthcare program, it’s essential to consider whom else it affects. And by providing UnitedHealthcare’s Health4Me app, you’re making your employees’ lives just a bit less stressful.

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