Best of Philly: Kardashian-Grade Beauty Treatments

The future of beauty is here.

bop beauty treatments

Illustrations by Mario Zucca for Philadelphia Magazine.

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Ladies and gents, we’ve already addressed that things have gotten a little out of control when it comes to our beauty regimens — there’s no denying the trend. But there’s also no shame in an amped-up primping game, and luckily Philly’s got some top-notch locales to get the job done. From lasers to microblades to space-age zappers, here’s the latest and greatest treatments for the beauty-obsessed.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Russian Volume Mega Volume Full Set Extensions, LashBee

Imagine: Six extensions (!) applied to each one (!!) of your natural lashes. The result: a full, feathery fringe even without mascara.

VEIN ZAPPING: Sclerotherapy, Vein & Vascular Institute

After just 15 painless minutes (no lie: The needles are the size of a strand of hair), those uninvited spidery purple guests are a thing of the past.

HAND MAKEOVER: Hand Rejuvenation, About Face Skin Care

A little filler to plump your skin, a little laser or photo-rejuvenation to zap sun spots and refresh texture, and voilà: Your hands will no longer give away your age.

EYEBROW FILLER: Microblading, 3000BC

It’s semi-permanent makeup 3.0: Color-matched ink is applied one stroke at a time via tiny blades, rendering your eyebrow pencil utterly useless for the next two years.

CELLULITE TREATMENT: Cellfina, Cross Medical Group

A needle-like device cuts dimple-causing bands below the skin. Hello, miniskirt.

Published as “Best of Philly 2016” in the August issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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