Shop Talk: A First Look at the New H&M x Kenzo Collaboration

Read with coffee: Five style headlines to know this a.m.


Image via iStock/samxmeg

  • Everyone loves a good designer collab — they’re the best way to score runway-level designs at affordable price points. The latest on our radar is H&M x Kenzo, set to drop this fall. Vogue revealed the first looks of the H&M x Kenzo collaboration, featuring statement pieces like rainbow-hued bodysuits and zebra-print booties. (That pink shearling, though.) [Vogue]
  • If you were wondering who signed off on all those pantsuits, Business of Fashion has learned that Anna Wintour is Hillary Clinton’s campaign style consultant. Maybe Anna’s to blame for that whole $12,000 Armani jacket hubbub? [Business of Fashion]

  • We’ve warned you about the dangers of gel manis not too long ago — now here’s how to go about safely removing gel manicures at home. Pro tip: Resist any urge to peel the polish off, or you’ll trash your nail bed. [Fashionista]
  • Hometown favorite Anthropologie is known for selling some pretty impressive items (anyone else remember Man Shops Globe?) while also inspiring its fair share of retail ire. Here are some of the most ridiculous items Anthropologie has for sale — because sometimes you just have to laugh at a massive ceramic duck with tableware in its beak. [Buzzfeed]
  • Thick-haired gals, listen up: We all know that it takes forever to blow dry thick hair, but no longer! Using these 11 thick hair blow drying tricks, you can go from soaking wet to bouncy body in no time at all. (Hint: Swap out that serum for a blow dry spray instead.) [Bustle]