7 Philly Architectural Salvage Companies That’ll Transform Your Space

Finally bring that Pinterest board to life with these awesome shops.

It seems like everybody in interior design is clamoring to get into the architectural salvage game. Beloved brands like Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel make a killing off brand new “salvaged iron” tables, and Pinterest is chock full of reclaimed wood DIYs. So there’s certainly a desire for upscale salvaged goods — for good reason. Not only do they look phenomenal, but buying salvaged materials (like petrified wood and abandoned doors) also helps the environment by keeping perfectly good items from clogging up our landfills. Wondering where to go to spruce up your home while unleashing your inner Captain Planet? Look no further than these seven Philly architectural salvage companies that’ll transform any space into a cozy, charming haven.

#1. Impact Imports // 67 North 2nd Street, Old City, 267-844-2477
The Impact Imports website is pretty bare-bones, but that just makes it easier to shop their live wood table tops and salvaged teak pillars online. No worries if you can’t make it to their Old City showroom — although we hear it’s a treat if you do — with most of their inventory online and available for shipping, you can score salvage treats without putting any pants on.

#2. Philadelphia Architectural Salvage // 2234 West Westmoreland Street, Hunting Park, 267-687-1557
Relatively new to the game, Philadelphia Salvage Company has been reclaiming chandeliers, doors and plumbing fixtures since 2011. They’ve recently outgrown their old spot in West Mount Airy and have since moved into their palatial warehouse in Hunting Park which was once used for storage, repurposing, and carpentry work. At Philly Salvage, visitors can grab period to mid-century industrial furniture and light fixtures and unleash their inner treasure-hunter.

#3. Provenance // 1801 North American Street #1E, North Philadelphia, 215-925-2002
If you’ve ever had the desire to own a vintage construction ball or cast iron lion’s head, Provenance Companies is the place to go. Provenance brings the essence of historic Philadelphia to new commercial constructions, as well as your home. Fun fact: They once reclaimed a piece of a Long Island boardwalk and processed it into the flooring of the new Barnes Foundation building.

#4. ReStore // 3016 East Thompson Street, Port Richmond, 215-634-3474
Restore has 6,000 square foot inventory of salvaged materials expertly handpicked for your choosing. They specialize in pre-1930 architectural salvage and somehow manage to stock approximately 15,000 items all times. They scour the area for hidden treasures like marble and antique tiles, and then sell them at a discounted price. ReStore also offers free deconstruction removal services for any piece you’re ready to part with.

#5. Artefact // 790 Edison Furlong Road, Furlong, 215-794-8790
Located in an 18th century stone barn (they’re committed to their aesthetic), Artefact was established by three architects who felt like the Mid-Atlantic salvage scene was a little under-appreciated. Since then, the company has grown to carry one of the largest selections of antique fireplace mantels on the East Coast. Bonus: The property also features half an acre of formal gardens dotted with bronze, iron, marble, stone, terracotta, and wood garden fixtures.

#6. Architectural Antiques Exchange // 715 North Second Street, Old City, 215-922-3669
You can (and should) get a sneak peak of this Old City antique shop/salvage company via Google Maps because this 30,000-square-foot warehouse is no joke. They have special collections of authentic saloon bars, French iron insert doors, and stained glass windows at various price points. Recently, they completed a Brunswick bar installation (think old-timey saloon meets hipster bar of your dreams) that’s just as impressive as it sounds.

#7. Life’s Patina // 1750 North Valley Road, Malvern, 610-952-2254
This 19th century barn just won a Best of Philly for best barn sale because their stunning assortment of salvaged fireplace mantels, old window frames (repurposed for vines and herb gardens) and home decor is basically a Pinterest inspiration board come to life. The folks over at Life’s Patina do event styling and vintage rentals, but it’s their seasonal barn sales that keep us coming back.

These Philly architectural salvage stores are cool, quirky and sustainable — all the hallmarks of a successful salvage business. So next time you’re out looking for reclaimed ironwork, stop by these hotspots first.