12 Celebrity Products We’re Embarrassed to Love

Fine, the main reason we love it is because the Olsens made it—is that so wrong?

celebrity products we're embarrassed to love

You make it, we’ll buy it. | Images via iStock [1] [2] [3]

There are some people who become famous for their products (or infamous, like Doe Deere of Limecrime, or Chaz Dean of Wen). And then there are famous people who jump into the consumer goods world because, well, they can. Slap a famous name on something and people eat it up. Case in point: George Foreman grills. Would the world ever buy over 100 million units of oversized panini presses if not for the famous boxer? I’ll be over here trying to figure out that mystery while George Foreman lives the lavish life on your dollar.

My point is, sometimes we are all suckers for a celebrity product, whether it’s a mini grill or, say, the Kylie Jenner lip gloss I’m currently obsessed with. There’s something about a name brand that makes you say “Wait…I need that,” and celebs are well aware. Regardless of whether we’re being taken advantage of, we still buy celeb products (though we hate to admit it). Here are the celebrity products we’re embarrassed to love:

  • Salma Hayek’s eye makeup remover is my favorite eye makeup remover I’ve ever used. It really takes all my makeup off without me pulling my skin off. It feels super luxe.” —JL, 43
  • Elizabeth and James perfume, which I love. Its the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen brand. It’s so good. It smells kind of like Tom Ford, except it’s way cheaper (but still not super cheap, which is annoying). I also have a Jessica Simpson dress I got at Marshall’s—it’s like a double whammy. I get compliments all the time and I always tell people, “Thanks, it’s Jessica Simpson. And it’s from Marshall’s!” —AF, 25

  • “Hell yeah. Britney: Fantasy.” —AG, 29
  • “I have a Rachel Zoe shaggy white coat, which makes me feel like a “Zoe-bot” when I wear it. I still love it, though. It actually scares my godson. He cries when I wear it. I think he thinks I’m a yeti or something. I have a pair of sunglasses from Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow line. I got them after seeing a photo of her leaving the gym wearing them, and I relentlessly Google-stalked them until I found them. I get tons of compliments on them, but I think some people secretly judge me when I say they’re by Nicole Richie. But she’s moved on from her Paris Hilton days! I find her immensely stylish.” —EG, 33

  • I did once purchase an Ivanka Trump wallet for my daughter, and was horrified when I got it home and realized what it was. She loves it, though. She’s sort of a gaudy girl, so …” —SH, 59

  • Sarah Jessica Parker’s first perfume ‘Lovely’ was one of the first to come out like 1000 years ago. I think celeb products are stupid like everyone else does, but it smells so damn good. I’ve gone through like two bottles of that stuff, at least.” —CD, 35

  • “I buy a lot of Salma Hayek’s beauty products. They’re at CVS. She has a curl cream and face serum that I really like.” —CS, 36
  • I bought the Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty skincare line from an ad on TV. Some of the things the French doctor was saying in the commercial about the melon extracts seemed appealing. Plus, Cindy Crawford is about my age, so I figured if it’s working for her and if that’s what she uses, it’s got to be good. I like the products, but I don’t love them. —AM, 53