Inside a Fashion Editor’s Summer Shopping List

Five things I'm buying now.


My (current) shopping list.

As I recently wrote on this blog, I’m sick of everything in my closet. It’s especially good timing, I suppose, as it’s a new season, one that is budding with fresh takes on old favorites. But all this newness can be overwhelming, and it’s tough to remain a smart shopper when there are very impractical things like metallic-sequin slip dresses and blouses with knee-length ruffled sleeves to tempt you.

But it is possible to nod to current trends without sacrificing your own personal style. Here is what’s currently on my To Buy list, most of which feel very of-the-moment, but not too far from the shapes and styles I already love. I’ve even included some pro shopping tips to help you decode what’s worth the splurge and what trends are better found on the cheap. Ready, set, shop.

1. A basket bag.

Each summer, I vow to carry a proper, circle-handled basket, á la Jane Birkin’s trademark wicker carryall. This will be the summer I actually do it. Pro tip: A classic basket bag will never go out of style, so buy one and wear forever.

Basket Bag

Circular basket bag, ~$140, here.

 2. A pair of cropped, frayed denim.

Ankle-skimming denim is everywhere, and I’m digging it, mostly because the length allows me to switch between heels and flats. (If I even try to wear flats with my long flares, I end up dragging around an extra six inches of denim when I walk. It’s not pretty.) I’ll pair these with fancy, shiny heels. And I’ll dream about this other version of Chloé wide-legged crops. Pro tip: Jean silhouettes come and go, so even once the current cropped-frayed look wanes in popularity, it will roll back in style again. So hang on to whatever pair you buy.


Mother ‘Hustler’ ankle fray jeans, $198 at Third Street Habit, Old City. See them here.

3. A mega earring.

The solo earring is still going strong, and this is great for many reasons. 1. It’s practical! You can wear this and you still have an ear free for phone-talking. (Have you tried to talk on the phone while wearing a major earring? It’s hard.) 2. It somehow feels less fancy than wearing two sparkly earrings, which means you can wear it to decidedly un-fancy places like work and maybe the grocery store. Pro tip: This is a trend that will die down, so find yours on the cheap, as I have.


Gem bird earcuff, $19.90 at Zara.

4. A paperbag-waisted skirt.

A ‘paperbag’ waist is a term that means pretty much what it sounds like: As if you’ve cinched a paper-bag, with the ruffled bit popping out at the top. If a waist closure can have a moment, then the paperbag is currently having one. This skirt is precisely what I want to wear to work in the summertime – if, you know, I have to come to work in the summertime – with a blocky heel and a simple tank. Pro tip: A pair of slouchy paperbag-waisted trousers might look dated in a year. Opt instead for a slim pencil skirt, a shape that never really goes out of fashion.


Stella Jean ‘Ricamatore’ skirt, $490 at Moda Operandi.

 5. An off-the-shoulder dress.

When it comes to showing skin this summer, it’s all about the shoulder. (This is fabulous for people like me, who aren’t so keen on showing leg, arm or midriff. But a shoulder? Totally!) I’ll be baring mine in a flouncy dress, preferably one of these. Pro tip: While this look is fantastic in a summer white, if you buy a moodier colorway (see far left) you can work it through the fall season with the addition of a leather or suede jacket.

Off the shoulder

Self Portrait dress, $550 at Neiman Marcus; Saloni dress, $595 at Matches Fashion; Zimmermann dress, $875 at Saks Fifth Avenue.