7 Items to Spring Clean From Your Closet

It’s time to retire these bad boys.

spring cleaning banner

Snooze. | Images via Old Navy, Free People and Forever 21.

As a shopping enthusiast with a minor tendency to hoard things, I pretty much avoid cleaning out my closet like the plague. You don’t have to tell me what a chore it is. However, once you get those tired, neglected clothes out of the cobwebby recesses of your closet (after intense nostalgia and slight panic have reared their ugly heads), this overwhelming feeling of satisfaction takes over. (You don’t need to cling on to that shirt—you’re over that shirt!)

To help guide  your wardrobe purge, here are seven items to spring clean from your closet, according to us fashion-minded editors behind Shoppist. (In other words, we implore you: Don’t keep those shoes—we’re sick of those shoes.)

spring clean closet jeans

Images via H&M and Asos.

Retire: Skinny jeans—they’ve been trending for like 10 years now. There are so many other flattering, funky, wearable silhouettes out there that you need not fear.

Replace: Cropped jeans are the future. You probably didn’t hear it here first, but it’s time to jump on board. You don’t need to be hopping from show to show at fashion week to pull them off; just pair with a cool sweater and statement earrings for a fresh look that’s perfect for transitional weather.

spring cleaning accessories

Images via Free People and Nasty Gal.

Retire: Festival accessories are for festivals. Flower headbands had their moment, and now it’s time to put the old daisy crown to rest.

Replace: ’90s accessories are giving us total life these days. Accessorize with a black choker, á la young Drew Barrymore, for an edgy-yet-approachable vibe. Just be sure to steer clear of tattoo choker necklaces—removal is a b#%*h.


Images via Old Navy and Free People.

Retire: Maxi dresses rank really high on the comfy scale, we’ll give them that, but we’re bored with the overdone silhouette.

Replace: Slip dresses fall under ’90s looks we’re happy to see resurrected. They’re just as easy-breezy as maxi dresses, but at a refreshing length that’s totally on-trend.

spring cleaning bathers

Images vis Forever 21 and Nasty Gal.

Retire: Skimpy bikinis, we are so not sorry to see you go. Deuces!

Replace: One-pieces are out to play, and we’re not talking about the kind in your mom’s closet (unless your mom is super cool). Go for a suit that offers some much-appreciated coverage, but still shows some skin with sexy cut-outs, strappy backs, or a high-cut bikini line to satisfy your inner Baywatch babe.

spring cleaning shoes2

Images via Havaianas and J.Crew Factory.

Retire: Rubber flip-flops, for the love of God, have got to go. If you’re over 15 and wear rubber flip-flops anywhere besides the communal showers in the gym locker room, it’s time you gave another (any other) shoe a shot.

Replace: Slides are even comfier than flip-flops, and will add a cool-girl vibe to any springtime ensemble. The best part? They slide right on—just like flip-flops—so you have no excuse to not switch them out.

spring cleaning shoes

Images via Macy’s and Alexander Wang.

Retire: Espadrille wedges belong in your donation pile. Sorry to say it, but espadrilles are not the fresh take on cork or wooden wedges you hoped would be just as timeless.

Replace: Chunky short heels reign supreme this spring. They’re less clunky, super feminine, and look great with cropped jeans.

spring cleaning tops

Images via Billabong and Free People.

Retire: Strapless tops need a break this spring and summer. (Our stubborn armpit fat doesn’t hate to see this cut leave our wardrobes.)

Replace: Peekaboo shoulders are the new way to show some skin. This trend is carefree, casual-yet-chic, and straight off the runway.