Shop Talk: How to Look Wide Awake Using This Beauty Trick

Five style headlines to know this a.m.

how to look wide awake

No one has to know know you finished the new “House of Cards” season last night. | iStock.

  • Monday morning, we meet again. Except this time, we found a simple trick to make you look like you got a full eight hours of sleep last night: taking thirty seconds to groom your brows. See how it works, plus pro tips for your best arches ever. [Huffington Post]
  • Zara just launched a gender-neutral line of covetable basics made of comfy cotton blends. The best part? Nothing is over $50. [Refinery29]
  • Did you know Latin skin is more prone to dark spots? Find out why anything from picked pimples to scarring tends to leave discoloration. Plus, here’s how to treat the problem. [PopSugar]

  • Want to be ahead of the fashion game? Tap into these 12 trends from fashion weeks all around the world, and be the most fashion-forward person in the room. [The Outfit]
  • The internet is rife with tutorials on how to draw the perfect winged eyeliner, but what about resources for the proficient makeup chicks out there? We found a list of a few awesome makeup tips for advanced beauty babes. Time to step up your game. [Byrdie]