8 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts

Buy this, not that.

Non-Cheesy V-Day Gifts

You have plenty of options for Valentine’s Day gifts, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good. This year, veer off the safe route (red roses, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, wine) and choose one of gifts instead. Some are local classics, others are of-the-moment picks, and all are available in Philly shops. Because love means never having to say, ‘Thanks honey, but I actually hate red roses.’ 

Instead of: a slinky satin robe.
Get her: A cozy knit cardigan that she’ll want to wear everywhere. $89 at The Geisha House, Old City; buy here.


The Knot Sisters ‘Wyoming’ cardigan. | Image via The Geisha House.

Instead of: a metal watch.
Get him: a watch by Analog, a Philly company that crafts watches of interesting materials like marble and wood. From $149.99 at Analog Watch Co.,  East Passyunk; buy here


One of Analog’s watches with a flexible wooden strap. | Photo courtesy Analog Watch Co.

Instead of: a bottle of wine.
Get her: 
a few nips of her favorite liqueur and one of these awesome ceramic bracelet flasks. $35 at Occasionette, East Passyunk; buy here.


Object & Totem’s ceramic bracelet-flask. | Image via Occasionette and Pinterest.

Instead of: a boring money clip.
Get him: a leather wallet by Fishtown-based Bregga & Co. From $40 at Stars & Stripes, Center City.


Instead of: sneakers (these are very wearer-specific and the wrong fit or size can lead to pain or injury).
Get her: a few cool workout tops by local company MBStix, our latest obsession. From $25 at MBStix.com.


Get her easy-fitting workout tops she’ll love. | Image via MBStix.

Instead of: yet another J.Crew sweater.
Get him: 
a wool parka made of what was once a US Army blanket, designed in Philly and infinitely cooler than a standard crewneck. $200 at Lapstone & Hammer, Market East; buy here.


A Philly-designed parka at Lapstone & Hammer. | Image via Lapstone & Hammer.

Instead of: a box of chocolates.
Get her: a two-pack of salted caramel budino, arguably the best dessert in Philly and available for pick-up (no pre-ordering necessary!) at Verde. $8 at Verde, Midtown Village; available for pick-up February 12-14th, 11am-8pm.


Yes, please.

Instead of: a Starbucks gift card.
Get him: 
a six-pack or 12-pack of his favorite craft beers at one of Philly’s many bottle shops (our faves are the Foodery, Bottle Bar East and Hawthornes).


A peek at The Foodery’s selection. | Images via The Foodery, Instagram.