Shop Talk: How to Dress Up Your LBD for the Holidays

Read with coffee: 5 style headlines you need to know this a.m.


Dressing up a wardrobe workhorse 101: It’s all in the details. | Shutterstock.

  • With the holiday season in full swing, nobody’s got the time (or, let’s be real, money) to spring for a new party wardrobe. Instead, upgrade your LBD to holiday-ready with these 10 easy styling tricks. [PureWow]
  • In case you haven’t found gifts for everyone in your life yet, here’s a super-handy list of white elephant gifts under $15 that you’ll want to keep for yourself. [PopSugar]

  • This just in: Microbeads are the devil. This article sheds light on the awful consequences of using health (toothpaste) and beauty (scrubs) products containing microbes. Think about it: Those million tiny plastic beads are polluting our waters at an alarming rate. We highly recommend reading more. [Into The Gloss]
  • Now that I’m settled into my life with bangs, I know what a struggle they are to maintain and constantly style in new ways. Check out these 42 ways to wear bangs, from short, edgy bobs to duchess-worthy curtain fringe. [The Fashion Spot]
  • And the most popular coat of the year goes to … (drumroll) … the camel coat. No shocker there. Here are 15 options ranging in price points, so you can find the perfect one. [Huffington Post]