12 Guys on What They Really Want for the Holidays

This year, give the best gift ever: Something they actually want.


What’s really going on in those man-brains.

For as “low maintenance” as they always claim to be, men are surprisingly difficult to shop for around the holidays. Even the guys we know and love dearly can be the reason for last-ditch Christmas Eve panic purchases at the mall. I still shudder when I think of things I gifted the men in my life for holidays past, like baggy button-downs, concert tickets to see my favorite band (oops), or the panini press I use way more than dad ever did. Yikes.

This year, we went straight to the source and found out what 12 real guys want for the holidays. Some answers are surprising (Legos?), some aren’t (a drone), but all are better bets than a yet another boring tie. 


You’re never too old for toys.

“’Tis the season for brown liquors.’Tis always that season.” – Jack, 28

“A man spa day. Some barbershops around town, like Nic Grooming, do things besides regular shaves. They do a good facial. Also streaming memberships for things like Hulu, HBO Go or Spotify.” – Josh, 36 (Psst: (Read his review here!)

LEGOs! They’re too expensive to get for yourself. The Detective’s Office also comes with a crime you have to solve.” – Art, 46

Cash. Maybe in one of those little envelopes with the circle cutout so you can see which dead president is on the bill.” – Dan, 32


If you shell out the cash for some tech for your man, it will not be in vain.

Brag-worthy tech, like an Apple watch, Xbox One or a drone. Clothes and shoes are tough waters to navigate with fit and look; better to give money so we can get the things we actually want.” – John, 24

“A food processor, premium vodka, and Gates’ Extra Hot BBQ sauce.” – Sandy, 57

These Sonos wireless speakers. They sound great. They’re incredibly easy. Play different music in different rooms. It’s cool.” – Patrick, 39


Whether it’s for the wardrobe of the workplace, guys need a little style in their lives.

“I have the original version of this shirt; I’d love the redux. Also as a back-up plan, this Dogfish Head blanket. ” – Jim, 30

This umbrella.” – Brian, 42

“A book of illustrated maps; this iPhone clip-on macro lens; this throwback message board.” – Jamie, 41

Boxing gloves, a trench coat, and hair products. Guys don’t know hair products but most secretly like them. I’d be excited to get a nice shampoo.” – Malcolm, 25

This pair of boots from J. Crew – simple, classic, no frills.” – Rich, 41