Shop Talk: How to Salvage Your Itchy Sweaters

Read with coffee: 5 style headlines you need to know this a.m.


There’s nothing worse than a scratchy sweater. | Shutterstock.

  • We all have that one cheap-o sweater we bought impulsively, convincing ourselves that the sandpaper texture won’t really be a problem. Right. Luckily, you can fix itchy sweaters with this DIY kitchen concoction and a little bit of determination. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Welcome to the future: Here’s a breakdown of how Amazon’s new drone delivery system works. It’s still not in effect, but you can expect to have packages delivered to your home in under 30 minutes as early as 2016. [Tech Insider]


  • If breakouts are plaguing your skin well into your adult life, you’re not alone. Block out the chorus of suggestions everyone seems to have (Stop eating gluten! Double cleanse!), and follow these tried-and-true simple solutions to adult acne. [The Coveteur]
  • It’s no secret that a little dose of confidence will make anyone look better, but here are seven wardrobe items scientifically proven to make you more attractive to men. [Bazaar]
  • Amidst all your bargain-hunting this weekend, did you ever wonder why it’s called Black Friday? Here’s your answer. [Refinery 29]