Store Madness: People Are Already in Line for Tomorrow’s H&M x Balmain Collection Launch

The first guy in line has been there since 5am.

Balmain H&M

The fashion version of a tailgate. | Photo by Eva Arce.

It’s just as I predicted: As early as 5am this morning, loyal (crazy?) shoppers started lining up in front of the H&M store at 15th and Chestnut so that they might be among the lucky ones to nab a piece or two (or 10) from the brand’s heavily touted Balmain collaboration, which launches at 8am tomorrow morning.

As of about 3pm this afternoon, there are about 15 chairs snaking around the corner of the building. (Interesting side note: Most of the people waiting in line are men! Slow clap.) Not exactly total madness — yet. But there’s still plenty of time to go before the collection launch – countdown is now T minus 16 hours– and you can bet that line will reach far down 15th Street as the hours pass.

So if you have dreams of snagging something from the collection – perhaps one of these insanely expensive pieces? – my advice to you is this: Get there before nightfall. Bring a comfy chair/tent/sleeping bag. And get ready to run once doors open.

Balmain H&M2

Front of the line. | Photo by Eva Arce.