Main Line’s Cutest Home Goods Store Majorly Expanding

The Blue Octagon has plans to double in size.


A peek at the store’s statement merchandise. | Image via The Blue Octagon.

Possibly the most colorful store in Malvern, The Blue Octagon is a home decor staple. It’s filled to the brim with statement chairs, gorgeous vanities, and every coffee table book you never knew you needed, all wrapped up in a splashy, gilt-slash-Deco package. (See photos of the store and merchandise here.) And the good news? It’s expanding.

The Blue Octagon has plans to double in size in order to include a design center and more fabulous merchandise. Brides, take note – registries are available here so you and your hubby don’t have to settle for IKEA home decor (not that we have anything against IKEA). There’s still no word on when we can expect the space to be finished, but we’re excited to see the final space.

The Details: The Blue Octagon, 335 East King Street, Malvern, 610-640-2684.