Market Report: Two Steps to Looking More Awake and Polished in a Pinch

Read with coffee: The five style headlines you need to know this morning.

Red lip

This look is surprisingly easy to master. | Zac Posen runway image via Vogue.

  • Even if you’re working on way less sleep and coffee than you’d like, you can still look sharp this morning — in less than two minutes. Here’s how: Slick your hair back in a low bun and add a red lip. No more makeup required. Voilá! You look fresh as a daisy (and as gorgeous as a Zac Posen model). [Because I’m Addicted]
  • This roundup of the top Essie nail polish colors of all time is semi-surprising. Obviously, Ballet Slippers took first place, but there were far fewer dark and vampy shades — and not a red in the bunch! —than we anticipated. Apparently, the pastel love is strong when it comes to manis. [Zoe Report]
  • Here are some basic fall fashion do’s and don’ts: Do invest in a great denim piece and/or a pair of statement booties, but don’t wear denim head-to-toe (or be very, very careful when doing so). Do play with mixing up textures and unexpected pairings, but don’t go overboard when layering. [WhoWhatWear]

  • Science says that your most important facial feature is … your brows. But who needs science when you can prove this with a ton of photos of celebrities with their eyebrows Photoshopped off?  [Huffington Post]
  • The things you need to know from Burberry’s spring/summer 2016 collection: a wine-red lip is in, Kate Moss is still gorgeous, and monogrammed L.L. Bean backpacks are still in (sort of)!  [Vogue]