Market Report: Best and Worst Fashion Choices at the VMAs

From daring dresses to houndstooth horrors.

  • As usual, the red-carpet fashion at the VMAs was more shock than chic. (Talking to you, Miley.) Check out this list of best and worst dressed at the VMAs to spice up your Monday. If T. Swift making a worst-dressed list isn’t click-worthy, we don’t know what is. [E! News]
  • Speaking of Miley, here are her worst looks from her spin as VMA host. There are no best. They’re all just … well, see for yourself. [Go Fug Yourself]

  • The behind-the-scenes tricks and tools stylists use to get that perfect hair you see in hair commercials is beyond crazy. Please, before you give in to hair envy, check out these eight completely bizarre hair tricks stylists use to get camera-ready locks. (Hint: There may or may not be a leaf blower involved.) [Marie Claire]

  • Harry Potter and the makeup world have collided, and my head might explode. LA Splash Cosmetics has released a line of lipsticks inspired by Harry Potter characters, and I need the Bellatrix in my life ASAP. [Huffington Post]
  • Your Monday must-read: See what one real journalist experienced when five different personal stylists dressed her in “flattering” clothes for her body type. The takeaway? Throw your rules out the window. [Buzzfeed]