So What Exactly Can We Expect From the Center City TargetExpress Store?

A look inside the quick-trip stores.


A rendering of the first TargetExpress store in Minnesota. | Target.

After Target execs announced in January that they were planning to bring a TargetExpress store to Philly, they’ve finally settled on where and when: 19th and Chestnut (part of the redevelopment of the Boyd Theater space), opening in July 2016. But what the heck is a TargetExpress, and will it be worth shopping? Let’s dig in. 

Here’s what we know so far:

The Size: 21,000 square feet, spread out over two floors, according to the Inquirer.

The Goods: Groceries, cell phone accessories, beauty supplies and possibly a pharmacy.

What To Look For: Target unveiled its first quick-trip retail format a year ago in Minnesota (where the company is headquartered). In March, they opened two locations in California. Each store features commissioned art by local artists and grab-and-go food; the California stores also stock goods by local vendors. There’s no word on whether the Philly location will sell locally made products, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The Main Draw: Quicker checkout lines (think more like a CVS setup) and a smaller, more easily navigable layout.

See the concept here:


And here’s what the Minnesota store looks like when it opened:

Excited yet?