Guys, This Is How You Apply Beard Oil

Step-by-step instructions to the softest, healthiest whiskers.


Fear the un-oiled beard. | Shutterstock.

Now that the alarmist story proclaiming beards to be dirtier than toilet seats has been effectively shut down — along with that prediction that we’ve all reached “peak beard” — we can get back to the business of grooming.

Whether you’ve got a close-cropped beard or a glorious mane (like this guy), it’s imperative that you keep it healthy and moisturized. Enter: beard oil, which has of late experienced a tremendous resurgence (or, at the very least, a welcome turn in the spotlight).

We tested out more than 20 kinds of beard oil and gave you the nitty-gritty on them all so you can shop smart (see it here), but having the right tools is only half the battle. 

A few things to know before you oil up, according to this quick tutorial:

  • Don’t use too much — a greasy, wet-looking beard is not what you’re going for.
  • Apply it after you get out of the shower, after you’ve thoroughly dried your beard.

And then? Well, it’s all in the application technique. Check out this handy GIF guide, which breaks it all down for you. The takeaway: Beards look better, smell nicer and grow healthier with a bit of oil and some TLC.