Market Report: Why You Should be Applying Your Makeup According to Your Face Shape

Plus: We found the best, cheapest wardrobe basics.

Images via Maskcara

Images via Maskcara.

  • Applying makeup according to your face shape is actually a lot more important than you might think. This makeup artist schools us in facial geometry.  [Maskcara]
  • We love Target for their sweet capsule collections, but who knew how great their super-affordable wardrobe basics are? [WhoWhatWear]
  • We were super excited for the return of the JNCO Jeans. These teens, on the other hand, are not. (And their reactions to the ’90s fad are hilarious). [Cosmopolitan]

  • Celebs are totally changing up their hair game in 2015. (Amy Poehler is a redhead!) [Elle]
  • Turns out skimpy sleep cycles aren’t the only thing to blame for those terrible dark circles. These four habits you’re probably guilty of actually make dark circles worse. [Allure]