We Found the Most Fabulous Way to Save Your Boring Old Denim

Give 'em a wash revamp.


Image via Shutterstock

Jeans are garments most susceptible to trends. Last year, it was all about high-waisted, cropped skinnies; this year, we can’t get enough of 70s-inspired super-flares. Even worse is the ever-shifting wash debate (raw or waxed? Destroyed or worn-in?). To ensure you’re getting the most out of your denim collection, we suggest this insanely cool e-service, Denim Refinery. The service will transform your little-worn denim into a closet workhorse.

Here’s how it works: round up all your stiff, off-colored or just plain boring jeans, place an order on their site (distressing and washes start at $98 and softening costs $68) and Denim Refinery will mail you a prepaid envelope to send your jeans. After they receive your package, you’ll receive a confirmation email and they’ll get to work dying, pulverizing or rewashing your denim. Upon completion (it’ll take about two to three weeks), they’ll mail ’em back and you’ll have rescued a pair of jeans from an ill-fated clothing swamp.