Market Report: The Weird, Scientific Reason You Love to Bargain Hunt

Your brain's crazy response to scoring a deal.


Bargain-hunting actually does make you happy. | Shutterstock.

  • This is interesting: According to neurological research, when you find an item you love, particularly an item you feel you’re getting a bargain on, the pleasure center of your brain lights up. The downside? Falsely inflated prices. [The Atlantic]
  • Apparently, anything you return to Victoria’s Secret doesn’t get resold or donated. It gets shredded — sometimes on the spot. How’s that for eco-conscious [Styleite]

  • The latest April Fool’s joke of the fashion world: the ‘selfie shoe,’ a (surely fake) product that’s just as fantastically dumb as the selfie stick. [Glamour]
  • Mirrored, round, flat-top and statements: Here are 30 amazing pairs of sunglasses you’ll want for spring. [Huffington Post]
  • Here’s a sneaky but brilliant layering trick to try this spring. []