We Tried It: The Valentine’s Mani That You’ll Fall in Love With

It was so cute, we had to try it. And guess what? It's super easy.

My attempt at the mani on the right | Image via Cosmopolitan

My attempt at the mani on the right. | Left image via Cosmopolitan.

Earlier this week, we told you about this adorable kiss-mark manicure to try for Valentine’s Day. It was so cute, I just had to go home and try it out for myself. I was skeptical at first because we’ve all seen the nail tutorials that deem themselves “easy to try at home,” only to leave us with nail polish on every surface of our hand but the nail and a “design” that looks like something straight out of a swamp. But to my surprise, this love-themed mani was as easy as it is adorable. It took about thirty minutes, and I was able to do it without all of the fancy nail art tools.

I followed the tutorial but used household item dupes for some of the nail art tools it called for. Instead of a “dotter tool,” I just used the end of a ball head straight pin, and instead of a fancy “striper brush,” I used a toothpick.

You can decide for yourself, but I think my outcome was pretty darn close to the tutorial, so it’s absolutely doable without spending any money. So skip the expensive professional mani and save your cash for more important Valentine’s Day things like a date with your significant other, or three bottles of wine for yourself (er, not speaking from experience or anything).

Want to try your hand at it? Let us know how it turns out!