Beauty Secret: The Gel That Helps Too-Thin Eyebrows Grow Back

Miracle in a bottle.

Growing up, my mother used to warn me about the dangers of overzealous tweezing. “You’ll look like a telephone operator!” she said. (I still don’t really understand this. Maybe she was referring to this? Or this?) In any case, I threw caution to the wind and wielded my own tweezers for years.

While I never pared my brows down to dental-floss widths, I also never let them grow all that lush—and I’m paying for it now. For over a year, I’ve been on a “growth plan” with my brow waxer, Valerie Peoples, who is located at the lower level of Sun Myst at 16th and Sansom. It’s going well, but there are still spots that won’t grow in, even as the rest of my brows grow forth with wild abandon in places they shouldn’t.

This is why I jumped when a company called Skin Research Laboratories reached out to me about a new product called neuBROW, an eyebrow-enhancing serum that claims to give you fuller brows in 30 days. (They also make a formula for thin eyelashes, but that scares me because I am convinced that eyelash-growth stuff turns your eyes a different color and I’m perfectly content with my brown).

Here’s how it works: Keratin moisturizes thin, weak hair fibers; sweet almond protein protects them; “bioenginered peptides” help the brows look “flawless;” biotin fortifies and protects brows from further damage; and apple extracts give a “look of vitality.” You apply the serum to your brow line twice a day — morning and night — with the special brow brush. Let it dry before you groom them or apply makeup.

I consulted Valerie about newBROW before I tried it, you know, just in case. She sang its praises; in fact, it’s what she recommends to her clients who have thinning brows. So I applied it religiously semi-religiously for just over a month, and I definitely noticed growth. But it wasn’t just fuller brows. They looked shinier, healthier, more Brooke Shields-ier.

You’ll pay for the miracle-worker, though — $100 a bottle. You can get it at Nordstrom, or online here. Yes, it’s pricey, but think of it as … saving money in brow pencils! (Right?)