The Apple Watch Release Date Has Been Announced

Better start standing in line now.


The Apple Edition watch, which will run you about $4,000. | Photo courtesy Apple.

For smartwatch lovers and Apple obsessives, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for: Apple has finally announced the release month of the Apple Watch.

During an earnings call yesterday (when it was revealed that the tech giant had the best quarterly profits of all companies ever, in the history of time), Apple chief executive Tim Cooke revealed that the Apple Watch will be available for purchase in April.

The timepiece is deceptively tech-y: The face is a touchscreen, and the crown is digital (twist to zoom and scroll). A gentle tap alerts you to texts, calls, emails and calendar reminders. Respond to texts with a preset message or dictation (you can’t type on the watch); a built-in speaker and mic let you have a quick chat or easily transfer calls to your iPhone.

Unsurprisingly, the aesthetics stack up, too: two display sizes, three models (Watch, Sport, and Edition, the most luxe version, tricked out with an 18-karat gold case—see it above) and six band styles. The downsides? You’ll need to charge it daily. And as soon as you buy it, the next-gen model will be released.

The Details: Starting at $349; Edition watch, shown, could run upwards of $4,000.