The Best Time of Year to Buy Everything to Score the Best Price

Plan accordingly.


What to buy and when to buy it. | Shutterstock.

Everyone has a pretty good idea of the best times to buy certain things. Coats are generally the most expensive just before the winter season, swimsuits are the most costly in springtime, and everyone knows to look out for Black Friday deals. But what about cars? Luggage? Lingerie? Kitchen goods?

This handy infographic from Business Insider breaks it all down for you, and some of the tips are very insightful. For example, February is the best time to buy electronics as stores try to clear out older products to make room for new models from the Consumer Electronics Show (which takes place in January).

Luggage: You’re best buying this in March when stores are urging customers to prep for spring break and warm-weather vacays.

Travel: Book it in April, and on a Tuesday or Wednesday, for the lowest fares.

Laptop: Pick up this in April, too.

Kitchen Goods: September. Stores try to drum up sales in this category as wedding registries drop then and most people have already moved into new apartments or dorm rooms by this time.

Champagne: Buy this in December, when demand is high and liquor stores compete to offer the best deals.

Cars: Pull the trigger in October. New models are released in September, so dealerships are trying to move older models.

See the entire list here.