Market Report: Did Black Friday Bomb This Year? (All Signs Point To Yes)

Today's shopping and style headlines.

  • Perhaps we all have Black Friday fatigue: Thanksgiving weekend sales dropped 11 percent this year. [New York Times]
  • But some retailers managed to whip shoppers into a frenzy: luxury online shopping site Net-a-Porter nearly broke the internet after launching its major end-of-season sale. [Daily Mail]
  • And despite lagging sales numbers, there were still plenty of Black Friday fights, many of which were caught on video.  [Gawker]

  • The bravest of the beauty bunch are forgoing eyeliner pencils and lining their eyes with chains, yarn and studs—and a whole lotta glue. Do not try this at home. [Refinery29]
  • A former Victoria’s Secret employee spills the secrets on what it’s really like to work there—and why you should always, always wash the underwear before you wear it. Ick. [Styleite]