Don’t Panic: Anthro’s Sale Room Hasn’t Disappeared

It'll be okay, guys.


It only looks grim. | Photo by Anne Bigler.

A friend sent me this photo she’d seen on Facebook of Anthro’s seemingly destroyed sale room at the Rittenhouse location. The room—once a beacon of possibility—had plastic over it, and looked like a construction site.

That sale room has been on the ground floor since (as far as we know, or care to remember) time began. Was Anthro getting rid of one of the best sale racks in the city?

I called over, in a state of near panic, to see what gives.

Don’t have a heart attack: As a (very nonplussed) employee told me, the sale section has been moved to the second floor, and bedding will be moved downstairs. You can all go back to your normal routines now.