Monday Obsession: How Men Should Wear Scarves

What we're lusting over this week.


There are a few things we can borrow from the boys: their button-downs, oversized sweaters and chunky belts. Add scarves to this list, especially if these scarves are by Ikiré Jones.

I’ve written about Walé Oyéjidé’s Philly-based menswear line before (remember that gorgeous linen jacket?), and I’m still coveting it now. How I plan to indulge—without racking up a sky-high alteration bill? One of his wool/silk tapestry scarves, which are really more like art than accessories.

The scarves (there are five patterns, one of which is currently sold out) feature bold, rich prints that nod to early European fine art while also turning it on its head. Ikiré Jones’s website describes the scarf collection as follows:

A collection of visual stories subverting the historical depictions of children of color in early European fine art. Whether the children appear as angels, heirs or symbols of revolution against an unjust ruling class, each of these images tells a tale which is diametrically opposed to the subservient and subjugated manner in which persons of African descent were generally represented in the early fine arts from the Western World.

Each print is striking and, really, frame-worthy. But why hide behind a frame what you can loop around your neck? (And, ladies, as I said before, why leave these to just the men?)

The scarves range from $195 to $265; you can buy them here.