Market Report: How To Stretch A Sweater That’s Been Shrunk In The Wash

All the fashion and beauty news you need to know this a.m.

9 Reasons to Start Using Coal in Your Beauty Routine

  • After our sweater roundup yesterday, you might be wondering the best ways to care for all those knit beauties. Here are 10 helpful tips for caring for your sweaters (like, how to stretch a sweater that’s been shrunk—plus the reverse!). [Madewell]
  • Welp, I guess it was inevitable: the Ebola hazmat suit costume officially exists and it’s just as cringe-worthy as you’d expect. [Today]

  • Designer collab fans, you’re in for a treat: the Alexander Wang for H&M lookbook is finally here. (Psst: the collection debuts in-store and online November 6th!) [Fashionista]
  • The Glastonbury music festival has restricted the sale of Native American headdresses and placed them on a prohibited vendor items list following a petition. [The Guardian]
  • Bros apparently now need “bro-tox.” Because regular ol’ Botox just won’t cut it. [The Cut]