Monday Obsession: The Best Pair Of Men’s Jeans. Ever.

Guys, we've found your perfect pair.

Years ago, my dad came down the stairs in a pair of jeans. I wasn’t there, but my mom swears they were as close to acid-wash as you could get. And they were baggy.

“They were $9.99 at Walmart,” my dad said in feeble protest when I called him to demand an explanation for the offending pants. My dad is a man who does not see the benefit in spending lots of money on clothes. If $3.99 jeans existed, he’d buy them. (I don’t need to tell you that I did not inherit my shopping habits from him.)

My husband is of the same mindset. It was all I could do to drag him into Banana Republic a few years ago and get him into a pair of slim-cut jeans; he balked at the price (“$79? For jeans?” It was charming. And also a reminder to hide the receipt for my latest pair of bell-bottoms, which were most certainly more than $79).

But for the guys out there who understand cost-per-wear analysis (men, I applaud you) and who are desperately seeking the perfect pair of jeans, I’ve found them.

This pair is crafted of 11-ounce, 100 percent cotton selvedge denim that’s been washed enough to give it a lived-in softness. But, material aside, it all comes down to fit. This pair is designed to fit straight on the waist, slim through the hip and thigh, and then taper slightly at the bottom hem. They’re slim-fit, but not ultra-tight, which is a no-no. (Unsure of whether yours are too tight? Do a squat. Was it uncomfortable or difficult? Go up a size. Did you split your pants? For god’s sake, stop. Let your legs breathe.)

The pair, by 3×1, retails for $285, and you can get them at Commonwealth’s gorgeous Rittenhouse studio (located at 1839 Chestnut Street) or buy them online, here.

Oh, and my dad? We made him toss his Walmart pairs. He’s recently upped his denim game to Land’s End, and he’s very proud of himself. (“They were $49!”)