Um, Guys? Brent Celek’s New Lifestyle Brand Is Surprisingly Amazing

Or: How an Eagles player and a Miami Heat player beat Blake Lively in fashion.


The Washburn Weekender, $1,400. | Photo via REVISIT.

Welcome to the start of the NFL season! For Eagles fans, this means you’re only a few days away from the first regular season game. But in the interim between last season and pre-season outings (which you can read all about over on Birds 24/7), Eagles tight end Brent Celek was busy at another venture: a “lifestyle brand.”

You’re groaning, right? I typically do, too, when things like this come along. Actors should stick to acting (not helming god-awful lifestyle sites, cough, Blake Lively), football players should stick to football playing, and basketball players, well, they can design things if they are as good as this, but generally no, thank you. So when I got an email about Celek’s line, called REVISIT, I wasn’t expecting much.

Then I clicked through the site, which made me want to buy out L.L.Bean and then go fly-fishing in Portland (Blake Lively, this is how you evoke nostalgia for charming, rugged Americana). I asked them to send the Washburn Weekender ($1,400) over to our offices so I could check in out in person. And, guys, it’s nice. Like, could-be-on-the-Boyds-store-floor nice. The chocolate-brown bag (it’s been hand-sewn and hand-stained by craftsmen in LA) is roomy and has a reassuring heft. This will last for ages, but perhaps more importantly, this will also fit in an overhead compartment on a plane. (Who cares if a bag lasts for eons if you can’t use it as a carry-on?)

The collection features mostly leather goods—large bags, folios, iPad sleeves, a women’s clutch, a wrap bracelet—with a few metal pieces sprinkled throughout (I’ve fallen for the brass iPhone case!).  Even better: REVISIT gives 25 percent of proceeds to help preserve national parks (cute pun alert: they call it the Quarter-Back model). They’ve already donated $5,000 to Independence National Historic Park, which went to buying a new fleet of bikes for park rangers who patrol the area.

So, Jimmy Rollins: Tag, you’re it.