Sale Alert: Stock Up On Toggery’s Luxe Tees and Dresses Now

The sale to shop today.


Four basics you’ll keep going back to. | Photos via Toggery.

In my opinion, it’s way more fun to splurge on some fantastical, crazily impractical item. To wit: This pair of Alexander Wang metallic blue fur Pilgrim-toed heels, one of my more impulsive—but most fun—splurges. (Hey, now they’re on mega-sale! Go and get a pair!) So when a sale on basics rolls around, it jolts me back to reality: Oh, right. Yes. Basics. I need those, too. 

The most recent sale to catch my attention: Toggery’s end-of-summer sale, featuring basics that pack more of a punch, and are totally worth the slightly heftier price tag than their Gap or Old Navy counterparts. (Plus, it’s a Philly brand! Support!)

Right now, you can score 25 percent off select pieces like this super-soft three-quarter-sleeved tee (notice the side slits and the longer hemline in the back, so it hangs in a cool, loose way); this throw-on cotton dress (now only $50); and this subtle graphic tee (slightly cropped and boxy—really the only tee silhouette I wear).

My tip: Go and restock your basics arsenal now. Then reward yourself for your practical, grown-up shopping with a pair of fur shoes.