Market Report: How to Cut Your Own Bangs

The style headlines to know before the weekend.

  • MR22Happy Friday! In case you get an itch to trim your bangs yourself this weekend (we’ve all been there), please read this first. And don’t even THINK about using regular scissors. [A Beautiful Mess]
  • North West has made her modeling debut. At one year old. In Chanel. [StyleList]
  • Lucky, the magazine about shopping, is breaking away from Condé Nast and joining with e-commerce company BeachMint. What’s in it for you: more online shopping. [TechCrunch]

  • Because it’s not just enough to have clothing and accessories under your gold logo-ed belt, Gucci has launched its first cosmetics line. And it’s insanely glam. [Allure]
  • Are you a true fashion-lover? Here are 11 topics you should be well-versed in, from bloggers to know to when exactly all those shows are. [WhoWhatWear]