Where to Get the Pepperoni Pizza Onesie Katy Perry Wore in Philly This Week

Proceed with caution.


This is flattering.

Unless you live under a rock,  you’ve heard that Queen of the Tweens Katy Perry was in town for a show. After the show, she climbed the Art Museum steps—wearing a pepperoni pizzza onesie. (Yep, this was not a mere hoodie, as previously reported. It was a full top-of-head-to-tips-of-toes onesie). If you’re going to wear a greasy-looking slice of pizza, might as well go for broke, right?

Well, lucky readers: This heinous fashion abomination kitschy onesie by California-based brand Beloved can be yours for just $99 at belovedshirts.com.

For those not content with only one pizza item in their wardrobe, well, here’s a pizza tank top ($29), a V-neck tee ($35), a crewneck sweatshirt ($59), and ankle socks ($6.95). Consider your Halloween costume finished. Or at the very least, use it as your entry into Foobooz’s food-apparel contest. (See those details here.)