Covet: Analog Watch Co.’s Minimalist Wooden Watches

Nature, meet fashion.

Photograph by Dom Savini.

Photograph by Dom Savini.

For those weary of the watch world’s flashy excess — diamond faces, chunky high-shine links — there’s Analog Watch Co., the Philly-based line from industrial designer Lorenzo Buffa. His watches usher in a more modern luxury, via paper-thin, flexible slices of wood handcrafted into sturdy unisex pieces that also happen to be almost entirely biodegradable.

Buffa’s company — which began as his University of the Arts thesis project, and grew with funding from a Kickstarter campaign — is now poised to shoot to success thanks to an exclusive partnership with MoMA that launches this month. Take that, diamonds. Teak & Bamboo watch, $149.99 at

Originally published in the June 2014 issue of Philadelphia magazine.

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