Monday Obsession: Jeantrix, Philly’s Coolest Denim Line

Are these the coolest jeans in Philly? My answer: Yes.


Photo by JWPhotography.

There’s something about denim that makes us want to change it: rip it, dye it, distress it, stud it, patch it, paint it, and—if you’re Philly-based art/fashion line Jeantrix, all of the above.

I first stumbled upon Jeantrix at P.POD (“Philly Produces Original Design”), an annual pop-up shop featuring goods designed and/or made in Philadelphia. The rack of wildly colorful painted denim shorts stood out immediately to me; I instantly grabbed five pairs and followed one of the P.POD employees into a random bathroom so I could try them all on. I walked out with a pair of slouchy men’s cut-off Levis, dip-dyed and splashed with huge hand-painted white stars. (You can see them here.) It was like wearable graffiti! I was in love.

Now the cult-fave line is branching out into bigger and better things. This weekend, they launched their Customs Shop with an art-filled party at i-g Creative. What this means: You’ll be able to shop their collection of hand-painted/ripped/distressed/dyed/stamped, one-of-a-kind pieces on their website (think: vests with tattoo-like painted roses, faded jeans peppered with hearts, frayed cut-offs stamped with tire tracks and NSFW slogans (i.e. “Follow Your Fucking Dreams” and “Fuck You”). Hey, we’ve all got an angry soul somewhere within us, right?

In short: Keep one eye on these guys and the other on Rihanna, because it’s really only a matter of time before she discovers them and “Follow Your Fucking Dreams” becomes the anthem of a nation.