5 Best Shops for Mother’s Day Gifts

Because when your mom says all she wants is time with you, she is lying.

All right, guys. We’ve got five full days until Mother’s Day. And let’s face it, most of us will procrastinate until the bitterest of bitter ends. This means a) No time for shipping! b) No time to waste on all-day shopping ventures. (Yep, this rules out monogramming, too. Sorry, mom.)

Lucky for you, this isn’t our first time at the rodeo. We’ve been aimless mall wanderers, plucking through leftover crap, convincing ourselves that, Yes! Mom totally wants a Vera Bradley bag from Hallmark! It’s not a fun place to be. To save you from that stress—and to save your mom from getting a Vera Bradley  bag from Hallmark—here’s your shortlist of the best, must-visit-first stores for Mom. Chances are if you can’t find anything here, well, maybe your mom might actually just really want your love. (But still buy her a nice card, ‘kay?)