Greene Street Opens Kids’ Store and Launches Online Boutique

Consignment isn't just for adults anymore.


If you haven’t started switching out your winter wardrobe in lieu of spring garb, you will soon. And with that comes garbage bags filled with old clothes. Rather than toss ’em, consider recycling the goods by selling them to Greene Street, a consignment shop that stocks everything from Gap to Gucci. And it’s not just for adults anymore. The ten Greene Street boutiques have expanded to include a children’s store in Chestnut Hill. They’ve also launched an online store.

Here’s how it works: There is a 10-piece minimum (no maximum) to start a consignment contract (exceptions may be made for high-end items). Their staff goes through your items on an initial basis and provide you with an item count receipt. (Tip: Go an hour before close to ensure time to process.) Then items are priced and and entered into the computer; throughout the process, you’ll notified of any rejected items. You will have one week from processing date to pick up any pieces that have been rejected. Goods stay on their sales floor for 60 days total with no markdowns. After 60 days, you can reclaim the unsold merch or a 40 percent commission check will be mailed 14 business days after the claim date. Oh, and did we mention the boutiques help fund The Greene Street Animal Rescue, a  private, 14-acre non-profit, no-kill dog rescue in Chester County?