How to Get Rid of Hanger Bumps and Other Quick Fashion Fixes

Bonus: Everything you need you'll find in your office supply cabinet!

Go on. Be a fashion MacGyver.

Go on. Be the MacGyver of fashion.

At least once a week, a panicked co-worker comes into my office with some sort of fashion-related crisis. I’ve seen a jacket with belt loops … that was missing the belt (I used a pair of scissors to veeery carefully remove the loops after determining that this wouldn’t leave any holes), a small scuff in a black shoe (a swipe of black permanent marker did the trick), and a sweater that sheds everywhere (stick it in the freezer!).

But some problems are stumpers—and tough to deal with when you’re not at home. Take, for instance, those horrible shoulder bumps that appear on sweaters that have been hanging in closets for too long. Or realizing that the the tips of your heels are completely worn down, leaving you quite literally walking on nails. If you’re armed with a steamer, a sewing machine or another pair of shoes, fixing fashion mishaps is a cinch. When you’re stuck in an office, though, it can be trickier. Here, five easy tricks for solving sudden sartorial dilemmas using things you can find in your office. May you never have hanger bumps again.