Market Report: You’re Spending Way Too Much Time on Your Manicure

And more style news to know this a.m.

Market Report

  • Good news! The latest manicure trend sweeping the runways is so. freaking. easy. [Huffington Post]
  • Confession: When it comes to hair, I’m woefully inept. (I don’t even own a round brush! I know, I know.) Then I found this illustrated guide to hairbrushes—pure brilliance. Check it out to see which ones you actually need. Tip #1: Invest in that anti-static one. [The Beauty Department]
  • This is the latest cult-favorite fashion line you will be hearing about (and maybe wearing) soon: Shrimps, a UK-based collection of colorful faux fur coats and collars. I’m completely and utterly obsessed. [Shrimps]

  • Yes, wearing high heels is on this list of bad-for-you fashion habits, but did you know carrying around that purse is equally unhealthy, too? [Women’s Health]
  • Okay, so heels get a bad rap (see above) but they don’t have to be uncomfortable. Here are 15 pairs of editor-tested heels that are all-day wearable. [Lucky]