Peter Pilotto For Target: Is Everything Sold Out?

What you can—and can't—still snag right now.

Peter Pilotto For Target

Full disclosure: This post was initially going to be a (very small) list of what’s still available in Peter Pilotto’s pattern-splashed collection for Target. I knew it wasn’t an instant sell-out, but after the madness of the Missoni collaboration, I figured the selection would quickly be reduced to slim pickings: an XXL top here, a size triple-0 dress there, maybe a pair of size 5 shoes. But a quick spin through Target’s website told a different story.

Sure, this belted dress isn’t available in sizes 0 through 12, and this moto jacket is all gone, but there’s still a surprising number of items still up for grabs online.

Take, for instance, this dress, which is available in every size except extra-small. This sweatshirt is still available in sizes large and extra-large. (Even if you’re a size medium, spring for the large and wear it slouchy over a pencil skirt!) Same goes for this crop top. This skirt is available in sizes 10 and up, and these summer-perfect slip-ons are still around for anyone who’s a size 8 through 11.

Considering that Missoni’s 2011 line sold out in minutes and actually broke Target’s entire website, this relatively still shoppable selection seems odd, especially a whopping  two days after it launched. Nothing to worry about, says Net-A-Porter, the luxe online retailer who partnered with Target for the release. According to them, the collection broke records, with someone placing an order on Sunday every single second. That’s a lot of Pilotto. And it points to Target finally getting in touch with the whole supply and demand thing. 

But you don’t care about records. You care about what’s not sold out. Well, friends, there’s this top, and this abstract-print tee, both of which you can still get in every size. The bikinis are sold out in small sizes, but curvy girls (and those of us with, ahem, greater assets) can still make out with retro “midkini” tops. (I’m dying over this one.) These sporty pants are available in all sizes, from 2 to 16. (If you’ve been following NYFW, you know that sport pants with sneakers are the curiously casual new go-to outfit for fashionistas. Cropped fur coat optional.) And this beach towel, because at some point, summer has to come. (Right?)