Market Report: The 5 Mascara Mistakes You’re Making

And more style news to know this a.m.

  • When’s the last time you threw out your old mascara tubes? Thought so. Read on for the other mascara mistakes you might be making, and prepare to toss those falsies once and for all. [Health]
  • This interview with Barneys’ creative ambassador-at-large Simon Doonan made me want to JUMP UP AND DOWN WITH JOY. Why? He thinks awards-show dressing doesn’t really have all that much to do with fashion, that celebs should buy (not borrow) their dresses, and that if you want to wear a mullet, you should wear a mullet. PREACH. [The Cut]
  • This is the most fun matching game ever. Say what you will about the outfits (most are meh) but matching the perfect accessory to each look is addicting. I got all but one right (and I still disagree with their choice!), but now you have at it. Warning: It will suck you in. [Real Simple]

  • You should read this quick Q&A with the new head of design for Madewell. First of all, he’s completely adorable, and the sneak peek of his spring 2014 debut collection looks fantastic. [Madewell]
  • You also need to see these pics from the major party Diane von Furstenberg threw for the 40th anniversary of her iconic wrap dress. (Hint: Allison Williams, Rooney Mara and Gwyneth Paltrow’s rib cage made an appearance.) To note: DVF never ages. [FabSugar]