Your Eye Shape, Decoded (Finally!)

Plus: the eye makeup look that works best for you.

Thank you, Smashbox! Even though I always thought I had round eyes, turns out my peepers are actually almond-shaped. Why does it matter? According to Smashbox’s global lead artist Lori Taylor Davis, just as your body shape determines which clothes look best on you, so too does your eye shape determine what sort of eye makeup you should wear. What’s your eye shape? Pull out a mirror and watch the video below to find out, then keep reading for video tutorials on how to apply makeup that best suits your shape.

Figured out your eye shape? Here’s the makeup look that works best for …

1. Almond Eyes


2. Downturned Eyes


3. Hooded Eyes


4. Round Eyes


5. Monolid Eyes


6. Upturned Eyes