Day In The Life: Lori Wachs

The hedge fund manager and president of Cross Ledge Investments—and Ali Velshi’s better half—dishes on her favorite things.


I have breakfast meetings at the Ritz-Carlton. It’s across the street from my office in Center City. I often eat lunch at my desk, usually something from [1] Le Pain Quotidien. // My son got me the [2] Swarovski dog figurine. It’s a memento of our beloved dogs at home, though it looks nothing like them. // Given my research on the consumer sector, I’m lucky to live near the [3] King of Prussia mall. It’s the largest mall in the country—Mall of America is bigger because of the amusement park, but KOP has the most retail space. // Lululemon, Urban Outfitters and Ulta are all public companies that we have owned in my fund. While it’s nice to shop at them, it’s also important for me to check in on how the stores look. Anthropologie is my go-to for weekend-wear. I stop by the new Ulta on Walnut to pick up my staples, like [4] Bulgari perfume. // The place I feel energized is Locust Walk. While I’m on campus, I usually stop in the [5] Last Word Bookshop for great used books for my daughter, a complete bibliophile. // I try to get to Zarett Rehab & Fitness on 19th Street once a week. Joe Zarett knows how to make my back feel better after a day at the office hunched over my screen. When Ali’s in town, we go to Flywheel in Bryn Mawr. // I get blowouts one or two times a week from Anatoly Farber at Haig & Co. // I’m so glad Molly Rouse- Terlevich—one of my best friends—got the Bryn Mawr Farmers’ Market started a few years ago. I first got turned on to [6] John & Kira’s amazing chocolates there.

Photography by Courtney Apple.