Market Report: Mariah Carey Needs to Stop Wearing Belly Shirts


  • You need to learn how to properly paint your face for Halloween (think: high-fashion instead of clown paint). [Into The Gloss]
  • We all need this dining table that doubles as a ping-pong table. Really, when not in use, don’t huge dining tables seem like a massive waste of space? [DWR]
  • We also all need a bit of Terrain goodness. Psst: Tonight only, enter promo code MISCHIEF at checkout for 15 percent off your online purchase.
  • Perk up this dreary day with free samples from Sephora. Go here and choose your top three.
  • Deal of the Day: Correll Correll’s collage tee, featuring handsewn pieces of cotton-mesh. Was $174, now $52.20 at Assembly New York. Wear it tucked into a midi-skirt, add a tailored blazer and you’ve mastered the fancy-meets-casual mix.