Blue Claw Co. to Open in Kembrel’s Old Space

The awesome Philly-based company finally gets a brick-and-mortar of its own.

Photo from Blue Claw Co.

When one store closes, another one opens. Such is the case with Kembrel, the semi-head-scratcher shop at 18th and Chestnut, which closed yesterday in a frantic chaos of $75-all-you-can-take bags. I’ve got word that in its place will be Blue Claw Co., the Philly-based line of men’s travel bags and accessories, which is planning to be open for business on Friday (talk about quick turnaround!).

According to HughE Dillon, our resident party photog, the store will carry its own handcrafted line of hard-wearing bags (I’m in love with this one—men’s only? Psh), as well as other made-in-America brands like Mizzen+Main and Stormy Kromer.

Welcome to the neighborhood, guys.