Shoe Envy: The Half-Pump, Half-Bootie Hybrid

You'll never guess where our associate art director is wearing these.

When it comes to odd combinations, there have been plenty in the fashion world, especially in footwear. (Do you recall this eye-searing precursor to the ubiquitous wedge sneaker? What about Prada’s Mary Janes with the attached leg?) But when our associate photo director Alyse Moyer waltzed into my office this morning wearing these, the idea of merging a classic, elegant black D’orsay-style pump with a rocker-ish suede ankle boot suddenly seemed like the best pairing in the world. It’s like chaps, but for your ankles. And who doesn’t wish they could rock a pair of chaps?

Alyse scored the D’orsay-Pump-Bootie-Ankle-Chaps at Zara, and they’re in the running to be the shoes she wears on her wedding day next month. (I’m obsessed with the idea of wearing black ankle boots under your wedding gown.)

Go snag a pair now, enjoy the ankle warmth, and be sure to stay far away from the be-legged Mary Janes.