A Work of Art in Rosemont, N.J., for $1.395M

Two serial rehabbers, one of them a broker, turned this home into a dazzling gallery for their art collection while uncovering its midcentury modern soul.

35 Raven Rock Rd., Rosemont, N.J. 08559 | Photos courtesy Addison Wolfe Real Estate

The striking house you see in these photos came to be what it is now because of the love of Art.

That would be Art as in Mazzei, the broker with Bucks County-based Addison Wolfe Real Estate who made this 1982 contemporary rancher a stylish home along with his partner George Kuebrich.

But not just the love of Art motivated these two to give this home a complete makeover when they bought it in 2010. Their love of art led them to buy it because they saw in it a perfect place to show off their collection.

Rear elevation, pool, patio, backyard

“We’ve been collecting art whenever we travel for years, decades even,” Mazzei says. “Between our office and this home, we’ve put together a large collection.”

And an eclectic one, Kuebrich adds, though one with a big picture in mind: “We select pieces for the style of home we’re in.”

Mazzei and Kuebrich are also serial rehabbers, so when they learned that the friend of theirs who owned this home planned to put it on the market, they seized the occasion with gusto.

Master bedroom

“We like projects. We enjoy moving on and creating,” Kuebrich says. “With every project, we learn more as we go along, and each time we come up with new ideas and ways” to reshape a home and bring out its essence.

“When we went [to this house for the first time], we realized it had strong midcentury modern style and bones,” Mazzei says. ”

The large expanses of glass that give this home a midcentury modern feel appealed to the couple: “It provides the ability to combine the inside with the outside,” Kuebrich says.

Living room

It also fills the interior with light, as does the high clerestory window over the living room that makes the space feel even larger than it is.

Dining room

While white remains the dominant interior color, as it was for the previous owners, Kuebrich and Mazzei added pops of color all over and redid its earth-toned exterior in a purplish-gray that harmonizes better with the home’s landscaping and setting.


One noteworthy pop of color can be found in the Eurostyle kitchen, where white, gray and silvery stainless steel dominate.

“The burnt orange stove was a special order from Italy and took eight weeks to manufacture,” Mazzei says. “We wanted to express the original colors of midcentury modern design.”

Pool house

Another major change they made transformed one of this home’s two garages. “The house has a two-car garage that’s attached, but it also has a two-car garage that’s detached,” Mazzei says. “And garages that aren’t used turn into storage space. We had this idea that it would make a great pool house.”

Having made this home over into a showpiece, Kuebrich and Mazzei are now ready to embark on their next adventure in home design — this one brand-new. “We decided we’re done with renovations. We’re going to build from the ground up,” says Mazzei. “We’re designing another midcentury modern home with even more glass and even more character.”

And as a result, you now have the chance to own this striking work of contemporary art. You might want to consider stocking up on some of your own before moving in.





SALE PRICE: $1,395,000

OTHER STUFF: As noted above, the owner is a licensed real estate broker.

35 Raven Rock Rd., Rosemont (Delaware Township), N.J. 08559 [Pat Pignitor | Addison Wolfe Real Estate]